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Simplify your life today with the Intercash mobile application, safely store and manage all your payment methods in one place. The app is free and easy to use.

Add Funds

Fund your Intercash acoount using MOOV MONEY, ORANGE MONEY or your bank debit card.

QR Pay

Make cashless, secure and fast payments by scanning your merchant QR code or have them scan yours.


Send/receive money instantly from friends and family without any fees, or move funds between your external accounts.

How apps work?

When signing up you have the option to choose between a classic account, a professional account or have them both.

Classic Account

The Classic account is a reliable account type designed to cater to all your daily transaction needs. With this account, you can have easy access to your funds and make payments and transfers at any time and from anywhere. It is a versatile account that provides an array of features to help you manage and spend your money effectively.

Professional Account

The Professional account is an exceptional option for businesses. It offers all the features and functionalities available with the Classic account, but with added benefits and more extensive limits that are specifically tailored to the needs of businesses. It is comprehensively designed to facilitate and streamline business activities by providing numerous tools and solutions that can help businesses operate smoothly and efficiently. With the Professional account, businesses can take advantage of advanced features to manage and grow their business with ease.

Intercash TPE App

The Intercash TPE App is an auxiliary tool that works seamlessly with the Intercash App to provide businesses with a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing their financial transactions. The Intercash TPE App has a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that are designed to streamline complex financial processes and provide businesses with greater control over their transactions.

Our Features

Our platform offers exciting features. Sign up now to experience user-centric features designed for your convenience and satisfaction.


Earn points by using the App for cash rewards.


Pay your bills instantly with just a few clicks.


Get your trip tickets electronically through the app.


Get prices and delivery for your medication.


Discover local events and buy tickets seamlessly.


Get assistance when you are in an unexpected situation.


What do I need to open an account?

To open an account, you will need a valid phone number and an unexpired identification document.

App fees?

Transfers are free, while payments made through the app require fees ranging from 3% to 5% of the transaction.

Is the App usable without an internet connection?

Few features can work without the internet, but most of them require it.

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